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The soul behind the camera


Joth Shakerley’s work invites us, through photography, to heal and reconnect with our own hearts and to deeply connect with others.

His book The Taming of the Eagles explores the lives of the former Soviet people after the collapse of communism. Pregnant Women invites us to share the beauty of motherhood in all its naked glory.

His meditations on the heart of the human experience find new expression in Rainbow; a celebration of the legendary Rainbow Gatherings.

This deeply personal journey began for Joth in 1986, at the Hare Krishna temple in Los Angeles, with an invitation to attend a Rainbow Gathering in the foothills of Big Sur, California. An invitation that was to change his life.

This is an epic journey, from single man to mature father, criss-crossing continents in a mind-lifting, heart-opening, soul-flying quest to think more deeply and love more freely in the beauty of nature.

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